Ambient Meteorological Sensors & Systems

Measure Atmospheric and Local Weather Conditions


ASMA® offers a comprehensive selection of meteorological sensors and systems to measure atmospheric and local weather conditions. Our sensors and systems are used for research, regulatory compliance, process control, health and safety, and local weather reporting by industry, academia, military, and government agencies. ASMA® sensors serve meteorological monitoring needs throughout the world and in extreme conditions. For measuring wind, temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, solar radiation, atmospheric pressure, and visibility, ASMA® has the right sensors, systems, and accessories for the job.

Ambient Meteorological Sensors & Systems Products

001 Air Quality Weather Station

002 Industrial Weather Station

003 General Purpose Weather Station

010C Wind Speed Sensor – 020D Wind Direction Sensor

034B Wind Sensor

061 & 065 Air Temperature Sensor

074 Radiation Shield

076B Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield

083E Relative Humidity Sensor & 085 Relative Humidity / Temperature Sensor

092 Barometer Pressure Sensor

370D-380D Precipitation Gauges

360 Precipitation Gauges

50.5 Sonic Wind Sensor

597A Temperature/Relative Humidity/Pressure Sensor

6400 Visibility Sensor

AIO 2 Sonic Weather Sensor

AutoMet 580 & 136 MultiMet Interface Module

Model 094 Solar Radiation Sensor

MSO Weather Sensor

CCS COMET Cloud Service

Air Plus Software

Comet Software


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