Odour, Noise and Vibration Management Service

Our odour, noise and vibration monitoring are ideal for continuously monitoring real-time levels to demonstrate compliance with regulations, manage activities and limit environmental impact.

Odour Management Service

Offensive odours from industrial processes, sewage treatment works and waste-treatment facilities are increasingly resulting in damaged reputations with investors, customers and regulators. Poor odour-management can lead to prosecution, operating restrictions, expensive controls and even closure.
Our experts can help you make sure your emissions are under control. With a comprehensive range of monitoring and analysis together with effective management techniques, we think we can help you with odour problem. We are now deploying drone to monitor odour.

Boundary Noise Monitoring

The exercise is divided into two (2) sessions: daytime (7am - 10pm) and nighttime (10pm - 7am). The data obtained from this monitoring programme is compared with the guidelines issued bby the DOE.
The noise level meter is set at the A-weighted scale, and records noise level automatically at pre-set measurement interval. The recorded noise levels are automatically integrated by the built-in electronic system. The integrated noise descriptors in terms of Leq are then printed out.

Noise and Vibration Management Service

Mitigating the effects of noise pollution on surrounding environments and vibrational impacts on people and structures has become an essential concern for all new and existing developments. Many activities are subject to local and international regulations which require organizations to control noise and vibration effects and to implement solutions for their improvement.

Our Services :-.

  • Measurement and monitoring services and sound meter installation.
  • Cartography of noise levels.
  • Acoustic optimization services
  • Consulting services to reduce and control noise pollution and vibration.


  • Identify and limit risk.
  • Enhance business image to visitors and clients.
  • Demonstrate compliance to local and international regulations
  • Reassure employees and maintain health & safety.
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