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In a world where economic growth is a necessity and environmental conservation obligatory, balanced and sustainable development becomes imperative.
An essential component of any effective environmental management programme is the systematic monitoring and assessment of baseline information. Such data forms the basis for the determination of the state of the environment in terms of ecosystem health and benefical use as well as providing vital information with respect to emission and enfluent sources, pollution loading and assessment of pollution impact.
The information is also essential in identifying pollution trends and as such it forms an important contribution to the planning of future developments. Environmental quality monitoring also provides a good measure of the extent to which pollution control and management strategies have been effective and successful.
Alam Sekitar Malaysia Sdn Bhd (ASMA) has been at the forefront of environmental monitoring since 1995 when it was awarded a concession by the Malaysian Government to establish a systematic and comprehensive monitoring network for air and river water quality for the nation and to establish the National Environmental Data Centre till April 2017.
While ASMA began as a company that focuses on environmental monitoring and assessment that includes not only air and water but also soil, noise and odour, it has evolved into a one-stop centre that offers a wide range of services and products in serving the environmental needs of both the public and private sector. Indeed, ASMA is rapidly advancing towards realizing its vision to be the premier Total Environmental Solution Provider.


"To be the Preferred Choice in Providing Total Environmental Solutions, Employing State-of-the-Art Technologies, Quality System, and Services Supported by a Team of Dedicated Professionals"
"We are Committed to Providing Excellent Service in Meeting Our Customers' Needs and Expectations and to Enhance Our Level of Service by Continually Improving Our Quality Management System to Become a World-Class Environmental Solutions Provider".
"Safety is our main concern in all aspects of works in ASMA. Our excellence depends on the safety of each person who works in the Company"


Incorporated in May of 1993, Alam Sekitar Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (ASMA) is a private company under the PIC Group of Companies that provides total environmental solutions to clients ranging from governments (local authorities, states and federal governments) to industries, research institutions and private individuals.
In 1995, ASMA was awarded a 20-year concession to provide air and water quality monitoring for the Department of Environment (DOE) Malaysia.ASMA is credited with the installation and management of 51 continuous air quality monitoring stations (CAQM) and 15 continuous water quality monitoring stations (CWQM) including managing more than 930 manual water quality monitoring stations covering most of the river basins in the country and 25 manual air quality stations located throughout the nation.
To remain in the forefront of this industry, ASMA recognises the need to contribute and participate in cutting edge research and development. ASMA's focus into R&D has mainly been in the form of joint/collaboration in research projects, working closely with renowned professors and researchers from leading universities in prioritised areas of environmental research.
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