Environmental Data Management & GIS

Environmental Data Management and Modeling
ASMA has a wealth of air and water quality monitoring data stretching back to 1995. These data are generated on a continuous basis and subjected to very strict quality assurance procedures to ensure their precision and accuracy. This enormous and ever-growing database, combined with expertise in environmental science, IT, GIS and statistical analysis, has enabled ASMA to develop its very own state-of-the-art Environmental Data Management Centre that provides customized value-added assessments such as:

  • Advance statistical analysis and modeling
  • Data mining
  • Dispersion modeling
  • Trend analysis and forecasting
  • GIS-based modeling of environmental phenomena

Geographic Information System
ASMA has been providing geographic information system (GIS) application solutions to clients in the private and governmental sectors since 1998. With this wealth of professional experience, ASMA is able to deliver technical expertise to meet your geospatial needs, as well as to see you through the successful project implementation of varying scales; from desktop, through departmental through project based, all the way to enterprise-wide GIS implementation.
ASMA specializes in GIS for the management of the environment, and our capabilities extend to natural resources, forestry, waste/wastewater, utilities, agriculture, traffic and public health GIS management system. We specialise in providing the following service:

  • Consulting and Project Planning.
  • System & Application Development and Customization.
  • Implementation Support Services.
  • Database Development
  • Satellite and Aerial Mapping.
  • Research and Consultancy.
  • Mapping and Data Capture.
  • GIS Training Development.