Automatic Environmental Monitoring Systems

In the field of Automatic Environmental Monitoring Systems, ASMA is unique, in that not only does it supply, integrates and install customized monitoring systems encompassing World Class brands, it also possess an enviable track record in the operation and maintenance of these sensitive systems.

As the prime contractor to the Department of Environment, Malaysia since 1995, ASMA is responsible for the supply, integration and operation & maintenance of a network of 52 automatic air quality monitoring stations and 10 automatic water quality monitoring stations located throughout the nation, in addition to more than 800 manual air and water quality monitoring stations.

Our World Class track record in operational performance is reflected by a monthly average uptime exceeding 95%, attributed to our highly competent Environmental Monitoring Officers, a ready stock of spare parts at our office, as well as a network of field offices throughout the nation.

ASMA, as the sole distributor for a complete range of world-renowned brands that are internationally accredited, coupled with our integration and operation & maintenance expertise, offers a One-Stop Centre for cost-effective and sustainable automatic air and water quality monitoring systems to cater to the needs of industries and government agencies. 

Customized Options

• Turnkey provision of customized automatic monitoring systems encompassing design, supply, integration, installation, training and operations & maintenance.

• Provision of efficient maintenance services conducted by highly trained staff coupled with a ready stock of spare parts and consumables.

• Operation & Maintenance.
- Scheduled maintenance and calibration
- Strict adherence to Quality Assurance & Quality Control protocols
- Guaranteed response time in addressing system faults 
- Guaranteed uptime performance

• Build-Operate-Transfer.

• Technical competency training, encompassing theory and hands-on modules.

• Consultancy services related to air and water quality management and control.

• Provision of auditing services including Surveillance Test Audits and Relative Accuracy Test Audits.

• Provision of customized data base management system including GIS-based systems.

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