A friend of mine was asking me the other day, “how do you recognize similarities?’ My response was rather “I am all for differences”! Even the All-Mighty allows for differing opinions through syuro (meeting) though within the permissible limit and with all care to the Divine orders.

My recent reading on managing differences, I was introduced to this quote, “people who are alike, they like each other”. Let me challenge this quote by sharing a great story of the Prophet Muhammad saw as humble as he is known in history accepting a proposal from a non-Arab person in order to excavate huge and deep drain (of more than 4-meter depth and 3-meter width of more than 5-kilometer long) for the preparation of the War of Khandaq.

Appreciating differences could be an interesting subject though the fact remains; when it comes to taking care the only environment that we have, all parties need to have a common interest. Everybody, with emphasis, must share the common aim. It does not only involve certain people or organizations, everybody has to take part and play its role. The differing opinions must rest to this very fact. It is indeed everybody’s business to love the environment.

It will never be too late to start loving & taking care the environment. Love indeed is a verb; not mere a word!

Let me end with His divine words :

“Verily in the heavens and the earth are Signs for those who believe”